That pretty much covers everything

Complicated book

Thanks BigRedKev


5 comments to That pretty much covers everything

  • Miss Silver

    Reminds me of the Obedient Wives Club back home (ew). They released a manual (which was promptly banned) and it was named Islamic Sex, Fighting Jews to Return Islamic Sex to the World.

  • Richard

    They left out the parts about rain and pickup trucks and trains and prison…(thanks to David Alan Coe).

  • Saffron

    I have a paperback copy of this sitting on my bookshelf downstairs-Jack was one hell of a funny guy and his stories about life in the North and his celebrity buddies are a lot of fun!!

  • grumpy

    How to feel guilty while committing hari-kari when the food you cooked up killed your wolfdog?

  • Witty Kitty

    I didn’t know Tiny Tim had any Kids!?

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