6 thoughts on “Sweetheart’s Valentine Revenge

  1. Being reactionary can carry a heavy price. I just imagine that there may be a possible explanation. For example had she made this profile as a practical joke, or someone made it for her as a practical joke. Not likely, but a possibility.
    Possibility #2 is that this is 100% staged. The guy is not married, has an dead engine in a convertible and wants to make a viral vid. Someone noted that they thought one of the wheels looked flat on the car. In that case it might be a staged.
    Whatever the case it’s pretty funny.

  2. Valentine’s is just around the corner. While I appreciate that you are just trying to help us out with ideas for our own celebrations, Jonco, I just don’t think this one will work out for my wife and me.

    • That makes sense because after all the horse helped write the profile.
      in Texas killing the horse would be a felony

      i will never understand how some people think

      • That makes you either a Rep or a Dem.

        True enlightenment is to try to understand how other people think and where they are coming from.

        Never judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, I think is the expression.


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