Public Transit Just Got Serious

Public transit just got serious



5 comments to Public Transit Just Got Serious

  • peter


    “PHOTON” TORPEDOES, maybe.
    “WARP DRIVE” or “HYPERSPACE”, better.
    “TARDIS”, take my bus fare already!

  • whitenoiz

    Being a bus driver in the UK these days, fitting the wheels with scythes copying Boudicea, and allowing the drivers to carry MACE sprays would be a much better idea….

  • J-Bird

    Whatever gets you through rush hour gridlock, works for me..

  • that1chick

    Why is there a leg sticking out in the wheel well of the other bus? Is it just me, is it a reflection, am I the only one who sees this? I swear, I haven’t had a Miller Lite in days.

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