Penn & Teller Meet Jonco

I went to the Penn & Teller magic show at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Tuesday night.  I had bought the cheapest seat I could find online and when I got there they upgraded me to dead center in the theater. 

Jonco and penn Jonco and teller

These two guys show you how illusions are done all while performing another illusion on you.  To me the best illusions are the simplest ones.

Penn and teler stage

Before the show starts everyone in the audience is invited onstage to examine this large crate.  You can roll it around get inside it check for trap doors and be sure that there is just one door, the lid, on it.   It stays on the stage and when the show starts Teller emerges from the box.

After the show Penn & Teller wait outside the theater and greet the audience members.  It was a very entertaining show.


22 comments to Penn & Teller Meet Jonco

  • infidel

    so how did he get in the box?

  • Jon

    So awesome I love those guys ! Did Teller speak or did he stay in character ?

  • Shadow

    I saw the show a couple of years ago. Penn and Teller hang out in front of the theater after the show for pictures and autographs. Teller talked to my wife and I, so his voice Penn calls everyone “boss”…example being if you ask for an autograph he’ll say “sure can, boss”. They are both very personable.

  • Photoshopped! You can clearly see a dark line between your face and the wall. What a hack job. Big stars don’t have the time to talk to people like you/us. Are you that starved for attention that you have to make stuff like this up? Also, if you checked the box for trap doors and there weren’t any, then Teller couldn’t have later appeared in said box. I’m starting to wonder if you even went to Las Vegas. You’re probably at home sleeping in right now. 🙂

  • krisgo

    I follow them on Twitter… but neither of them said how excited they were to meet Jonco… strange…
    seriously that’s pretty awesome!

  • hcmom

    They are frequent speakers at TAM. Gotta say… Teller is probably more interesting than Penn.

  • xalaskan

    Some of these ‘personalities’ are just real people with a job to do.
    Back in ’66 I was a busboy at the Aladdin on the strip across from Caesars. (16 years old.) After work one night, I drove my ’60 Olds to the Stardust to meet my brother, and Ed Sullivan was sitting on a bench doing nothing in particular. I walked by and said ‘Hi”, and he invited me to sit down and talk. He introduced me to his wife, and we had a nice talk about what it was like to live in ‘Vegas. I always felt kinda special after that…

    • Richard

      I also had a chance encounter with a celebrity. In the 70’s I was a track official with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) at Road Atlanta. During the national championships in the fall of 79, I recognized Lee Majors roaming around the pits by himself. I knew that he and Farrah were getting a divorce so I started yakking with him and one thing lead to another and I invited him to have dinner with my wife and I. He accepted and we showed up unannounced at home. My wife was not a happy camper at first, but everything went smoothly. He and I met up at the track the following year as well. And yes, he was a good looking man…uh, according to my wife.

      • Bella

        Wow, that’s a special memory. The closest I’ve ever been to meeting a celebrity was seeing the Magnificent Jonco & Mrs. in a casino in Vegas. Now that was Kewl! My mouth actually dropped open. 🙂

      • infidel

        some celebs are nice Brook Shields was very friendly probably the most down to earth one I have met,Marina Sirtis was kinda friendly she just didnt talk much person to person,Gena lee Nolin was really friendly she just acted like a regular person,Cindy Crawford was a total bitch…never again, Kim Cattrall not so friendly,June Chadwick ( V series and rocky horror picture)was really friendly

  • Bella

    Neat! That would have been a good show. I’ve always liked them.

  • TO THE GREAT REBO AND ZOOTY !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • duuude

    Penn looks like he’s not happy to be taking pictures with his fans.

  • Miss Silver

    OMG I love Penn and Teller! Especially their show Bullshit!! Lucky you, Jonco!

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