Matt Williams – Up To My Neck In You

Go Maffu, Go!


13 comments to Matt Williams – Up To My Neck In You

  • Gary Generic

    What sorcery is this? He’s holding the guitar upside down. No, not reversed, like McCartney or Cobain, I mean upside down. Look at the strings. I don’t even…

    • revrick315

      A lot of lefty’s do this, Gary. That means they can pick up a standard guitar off the rack, turn it over and play it without having to restring it. Just means your fingering is different (a D would still be in the 2nd fret, but you’d be holding down the top 3 strings instead of the bottom 3).

      Or that’s probably what it is. I’m a lefty, but I play right-handed.

    • infidel

      Hendrix was a lefty,probably the best player ever

    • Lol. Actually every guitar I ever came across belonged to a right-handed person. By the time I decided I needed a guitar of my own (not that long ago as it happens) I’d become used to it, and it was only after that that I found out that you could get lefty setups.
      So yes – I’m an upside-downy freak.

  • A L N

    Not sorcery Just Pure Talent.

  • Thanks for the feature Jonco – it’s always appreciated 🙂

  • Minimauve

    Great as usual. Matt Williams never lets us down. Amazing harmonica work too.

  • Miss Silver

    Totally would hold up a lighter for you, man.

    • J-Bird

      That might burn the poor fella, Miss Silver! Oh Ok, I re-read that, and saw where you said “for” and not ‘to’. Thank goodness. LOL!

      Hey Maffu, great work! Is the harmonica also upside down? 🙂

  • Archangel

    For a dynamite electric version of this tune, check out the album “Tijuana Bible” by Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat, a great Blues/Rock band from Texas.

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