Free Airport WI-FI

Free wifi at airport

I ran across this on Reddit.  I looked at some of the 300+ comments and they talk like it works.   Speculation is that the airports allow the jpgs because the welcome screens are jpgs.  So if anyone traveling wants to type in at an airport that doesn’t have free WI-FI and let us know if it works, that’d be great!.




4 thoughts on “Free Airport WI-FI

  1. A question mark at the end of a URL indicates that a parameter is being passed to the page that’s going to be loaded. Here a page called PrintLineup.aspx is expecting to get a parameter called Week with a value of 3

    www . someplace . com / PrintLineup.aspx?Week=3

    No clue how pretending to pass a value to a URL would impact security on a WiFi.


    • If I was in an airport, I’d give it a try

      I found this on Life Hack indicating the same thing. It offers the hint that traffic passing a .jpg isn’t redirected to the WiFi sales page. It seems that clicking a link on a page opened this way, would cause the redirect to kick in again, unless the last parameter it passes is a jpg file name.

      The author mentions a script he uses that appends ?.jpg to the urls in a document, but again, messing with that passed parameter format can have unforseen results ( like screwing up the page load event that’s coded for a legitemate parameter ). It’s worth a try.


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