Forget Global Warming

Forget global warming

I’m sure this would apply to many other states too.  But it was 74°F a couple of days ago here and it’s supposed to get down to 8°F tonight. 

Thanks Dawn


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  • John Roebuck

    Applies to the UK as well, Often on the same day.

  • dimndgal1

    72 degrees in DC yesterday… supposed to get snow tonight. In Maryland, we just call it ‘Spring’ — of course, it does tend to occur anytime on the calendar and makes it just awesome when trying to tell people what to pack for trips to visit!

  • A&L

    60º yesterday and 24º today with lake effect snow warnings for the next 24 hrs (SW-NY)

  • Maoman

    Here in florida, it got down into the 30s not too long ago (very cold for the southerners – i’m canadian), but this late in january, we’ve been seeing a lot of mid-80s. 80! In January!

  • G-Bull

    I can relate to Missouri weather.
    I did my Army Basic Combat Training at Fort Leonard Wood (Missouri) for two months beginning in January, 1997. I remember one day the puddles on the ground were frozen solid during morning PT, and we were roasting in humid mid-80s in the afternoon.

  • Mathman54

    Technically, the planet is bipolar.

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