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Speedtest resultsMy internet service was changed today from AT&T DSL to Charter Cable.  The two SpeedTest charts on the right show the difference.  The test result on top was done moments ago after the switch. 

The lower chart reflects the last time I recorded the SpeedTest results using the AT&T DSL that I had.

There is quite a bit of difference in how fast things load just while surfing the web.   I haven’t even started downloading things yet.  I’ve also noticed an increase in speed in posting on B&P.

You can check your download and upload speeds at



20 thoughts on “Faster Internet

  1. This is all find and dandy, but what is it really telling me?
    IE 8.0 ping: 10 …… Download: 32.68 ………….upload: 6.4
    Chrome: ping: 11 …….Download: 34.98 ………….upload: 6.22

  2. My $50 cable is the same speed as your old DSL. Too much to pay for that speed and frequent outages. But it’s unlimited unlike the pricier faster speeds that are capped unless it’s part of a bundle. I only have internet from my cable co.; no tv or phone so I don’t bundle. AT&T was a terrible experience for the month that I had it, so I’m stuck with what I have. There’s not enough competition to get better prices and services.

    • Apparently there’s a fiber optic cable not too far from my house so that helps according to the installer guy.

  3. I’m pretty much stuck with either AT&T or Time Warner. Whatever you can say about AT&T (and I have said plenty over the years), I really hate Time Warner. I wish I lived in a Verizon area. Oh, well.

  4. Just you guys wait till Google Fiber makes it into my neighborhood here in the Kansas City area.

    Hard to test the speed since it’s so freaking fast, but their live demo in KC shows 937 down and 784 up.

    But for now, I’m getting about 20 down and 1 up with Time Warner for $30/mo.

  5. wish i was getting that speed, can’t really afford an increase in cable bill at the moment


  6. This is a scam. There are lawsuits pending
    Just telling the truth.
    Are you seriously going to stifle my comment?

    • Ralph, You’re a new commenter and ALL first time commenters comments are held for moderation or else there’d be a crapload of spam comments. Don’t be so skeptical my friend.
      I welcome all comments as long as they’re mostly clean and not personal assaults on someone.

  7. Mine was so slow, I called it “myslownetwork”. Qwest didn’t like that so they sent me an e-mail telling me I was a power user. I use my internet for 4.5 hours a day. Two weeks later I was switched to CeturyLink and my net speed shot up through the ceiling.


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