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  • Buckwheat

    There’s not enough room on the graphic for all of the voices of Dave Castanella.

  • who created Maxine, my best idol?

  • Tim

    When Mel Blanc died, part of my childhood died.

    And wasn’t Kelsey Grammer the voice of Krusty the Clown?

    • dimndgal1

      I believe Grammer was Sideshow Bob, Krusty’s less fortunate sidekick from the early days who has it out for Bart… repeatedly.

    • that1chick

      David Hyde Pierce did the voice of Sideshow Bob’s brother, he’s the guy who played Niles Crane on Frasier in case anyone didn’t know. Of course I can’t recall Sideshow Bob’s brother’s name at the moment.

  • revrick315

    I have more voices than that running around in my head.

  • dimndgal1

    I guess there isn’t room for all but I know that Jim Henson did more voices than listed (Dr Teeth, Rowlf – the original muppet, and Guy Smiley), but then again, most of these voice artists have a list longer than most actors. Pretty amazing if you think about it!

    Also, I have always found the Mel Blanc tribute image “Speechless” one of the most moving memorials… especially for animation. A very tender way to pay respect to a wonderful talent. That and the tributes the Muppets have done for Henson really make you realize how much these people impact generations of people.

  • Charles

    June Foray should be credited as the original voice of Elroy. The studio fired her simply because they felt that the credit should go to a man… and she refused to use a male alias!

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