Classy Broads

Classy broads

Thanks sg


6 comments to Classy Broads

  • xalaskan

    Tiquila from a ‘Tijuana Tread’?
    …might as well!
    Champagne from a Silver Slipper could be a pretty long wait for some of us here at the trailer park!

    (I know this is not an ‘authentic’ Tijuana Tread’, but close enough.)
    (I googled Tijuana Tread and got nothing. These were pretty popular during my hippy days around ‘Vegas and Arizona.)[img][/img]

  • J-Bird

    Yeah, how’s this for some ‘hair of the dog that bit ya’? What the hell were you drinking?

  • alpo

    Mean while in Russia

  • grumpy

    Chicks hate it when you call them broads.

  • infidel

    the one on the left looks like shes been around the block a really long time

  • Mathman54

    I wouldn’t want to drink from the same bottle after blondie, either.

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