Cancer-stricken dog’s last meal is a feast

When Lennox the dog’s owner decided to put his cancer-stricken pet out of his misery, he knew he deserved a farewell fit for a king.   A touching video reveals the moment the boxer was served one final feast with all the trimmings – a massive turkey leg, bacon, sausages, bread, greens and rice – before he was put to sleep.

Lennox had endured numerous surgeries after suffering from cancer and debilitating arthritis, but a recent tumor on his shoulder had left him barely able to get up, according to the owner’s roommate.

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4 comments to Cancer-stricken dog’s last meal is a feast

  • laydeelinda

    Aww that’s exactly what we did but with weetabix and milk. Bless x

  • Regina

    This made me cry, but our faithful doggies deserve a fitting end such as this.

  • Maoman

    I think this sums it up nicely…

  • EmilyMI

    OMG I cried so much during this. I know if my little dogs were suffering the last thing I would ever want to do is seem them suffer even more. I commend this person so much for doing this last special amazing thing for his best friend.

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