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Trivia Tidbit:  What is lake-effect snow?   If you live on the downwind side of a large lake, you’re probably all too familiar with this weather phenomenon. It happens when cold winter air moves over a relatively warm body of water. What you get are small-scale but intense snowstorms.

Lake-effect snow occurs on such a small scale, almost on the scale of a summertime thunderstorm. One portion of a neighborhood or city might be under heavy snow, where a few miles away you may be under sunny skies.   via



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  1. ..about the nerdy science jokes.. I got them all except #10, the sodium/batman thing? …Loved the one with the missing electron, I’m taking that one to the bar!


  2. Here on the downwind side of the Great Lakes we sure know about lake effect. I can see 4-5″ of snow here, 5 miles west will see nothing, and 15 miles east will see 27″. Which is exactly what happened last week. Chicago, Erie, & Buffalo, can get epic amounts of snow measured in feet if the wind comes directly across the water at them.

    Lake Erie only has about 30% ice cover right now…maximum or total ice cover doesn’t usually occur until mid-Feb. As soon as the lake is frozen over, the lake effect ends.


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