Blogworld: The Pioneer Meets The Maverick

Jonco and ChristianI spent three days at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas this week. I attended 10 to 12 different sessions some more interesting than others.  I took a lot of notes and will be looking into some things when I return home on Thursday. Most of the things I learned will not affect the parts of the site that you see if I implement them.  There were a couple of things that might change the way things look or act but not drastically.

The expo is where I met up and had breakfast with Christian who runs and 4 other sites with some variation of the same moniker.   Christian referred to me as a “pioneer” in the industry since I’ve been blogging for going on eleven years.  I liken him to a Maverick with the go-get-em drive that will propel him forward. Christian has a marketing background and is serious about growing his sites into more than they are now.  He started his dynasty about two and a half years ago and has some very impressive numbers and continues to improve his presence in the industry.  He quit his marketing job and now blogs full time.

  He and I seem to have a lot in common yet there are some differences in our methods and madness, none of which are bad.

We chatted for about an hour and a half that went by quickly. 

Check out his sites: – Bonus funny pictures and memes. –  Premium funny. Updated daily. – Humor that’s a little more offensive. – The best animated gifs of the day. (beta) – The coolest videos of the day.



10 thoughts on “Blogworld: The Pioneer Meets The Maverick

  1. Awesome! B&P and TO (all of them) are my favorites. Nice to learn a little about Christian. Now sure what he has in mind for the future of TO, but I like it as it is now. Grumpy Cat on the other hand hates it.


  2. Yo Christian, I’m really happy for you…I’ma let you finish. But Jonco has one of the best sites of all time! One of the best sites of all time!


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