6 thoughts on “A chill in the air

  1. This photo is possible, maybe. I am sure there is a heated van waiting only a few feet away. I’ve been in temps like this many times, and just breathing will frostbite your nostrils without a face muff to breathe into!
    Your tears will freeze your eyes shut! Cameras don’t work! There are no shadows, but in Fairbanks, the sun barely clears the horizon before it is gone again, giving a pale blue light for a couple of hours. There should be frost covering the sign!
    *All shopping malls and hotels in Fairbanks provide recepticles to plug in your cars block heater when parked!
    *The only temp that farenheit and celsius are the same is at minus 40!
    *Many people leave their vehicles running 24 hours a day.
    *NEVER wash your car at this temp…doors and windows will freeze shut!
    *Tires develop a flat spot when parked, but ’round out’ again after a few miles!
    *Trash bags will shatter if not handled tenderly
    *If you pee on the ground, it will stack up!
    *All tires have carbide studs embedded in them!
    *It’s 80 degrees in the Philippines! 🙂

  2. Holy Shit! That’s where my aunt works. None of those fools are her, she has enough sense to keep her clothes on in that kind of weather.

  3. My alma mater and place where I lived for 14 years. I always laughed at so many out of state students that never spend a summer there….summers there are great….warm (hot by AK standards) and dry. People have been taking pictures by the different generations of temperature signs for decades.

  4. pretty sure that represents 1/2 the entire female population in Fairbanks

    women in Alaska have a saying, “where the odds are good and the goods are odd”


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