Washing Sneakers

Interesting idea.  Anybody ever try this?

Washing tennis shoes

Thanks BigRedKev


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  • whitenoiz

    Been doing it for years! However best advice would be not to use a dishwasher as the temperatures involved are excessive. A normal washing machine on a 30C or 40C setting produces good results without melting the glues used in the manufacture of the sneakers.

  • Janet

    I normally put mine in a pillow case and tied tight and then washing machine

  • The trick is NOT putting them in the dryer! Same goes for ballcaps.

    I usually stuff them with paper towels while they dry.

    Never tried it in the dishwasher.

  • Madd Maxx

    I put mine in the dryer all the time. Never had a problem. Just tie them both together and hang them from the door by letting the string hang out the door when you shut it.

  • dabba

    Newer dryers even have a removable shelf that attaches to the door. The shoes won’t bounce around at all, they sit nice and quiet in the middle.

  • Bella

    I put almost everything in the dishwasher. Small garbage cans to clean, kids toys that are all gummed up, light fixtures, face-plates, vent covers…you name it. If it can be washed by that machine, it goes in there. Dishes separate of course.

  • Douglas2

    …computer keyboard…

  • hbshrimp

    i know crocs brand actually recommends that you wash their shoes that way although i have no dishwasher (plus i wear mine to the dog park so i don’t think i would want them in there). i heard someone else talking about washing shoes in the dishwasher but i always do mine in the washer (and that’s frequently with the mud races i do) but never use the dryer-just stick them out on the patio in the sun!

  • required

    Never tried it with shoes, but I use the top rack of the dishwasher for washing baseball caps. No shrinkage, and the cap keeps its shape.

  • mitchell

    works great for sneakers, ball caps and dog collars
    do not use the heater setting to dry them

  • jim

    Also great for cleaning Black Powder revolvers, don’t forget to remove the stocks. Use Heat Dry and oil after removal. no work at all.

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