Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

It’s Saturday evening and I just realized I didn’t post a Weekend Open Mic.

I’ve been busy working on some Christmas videos for a Christmas party on December 22.  So, until I get that don, or close to done things might be a little light here.  I’ll still be around but might not be checking in as often as usual. 

It’s your turn to talk about whatever you want.   What’s on your mind?



3 thoughts on “Weekend Open Mic

  1. Tag sale season gets really sparse around now….need to draw on my reserves. Take look at one of the weekly articles I write for the online news-site Patch. I’ve been writing weekly articles for over a year. They are designed to entertain and lead readers back to the blog…maybe there’s a patch in your town?

    Ever find a box of old papers in an attic or basement (1950’s or earlier)? send me a picture of it and I’ll make an offer. I’m not a dealer, or an appraiser -I’m just a guy looking for a “dig.”


  2. Whew! ..made it through Typhoon Pablo! It passed directly overhead, so we got winds from the south, a calm for a few minutes, then winds from the north for another eight hours or so. No power for 4 days, so we didn’t get any news on TV! I didn’t realize there was so much damage!
    (I’m on the southern end of Negros Oriental in the Philippines, usually protected by the islands to the east.)
    The banana trees and power poles seems to have taken the hardest blows, the coconuts are pretty tough. (Termites weakened the poles anyway, and they replace them with steel ones AFTER they fall down!)
    I lost my home two years ago to typhoon ‘Sendong’, because I built too close to the river, and the flood changed course and came through my living room! This year I’m building on the side of a volcano at a higher altitude. …Could I be a Darwin Award candidate?
    …ya’ll take care, I’m just a nam-vet, ex-pat, thankful that I’m not freezing to death in Alaska!
    It’s about 80 degrees here now…Its about 80 degrees every day! …In fact, nobody has a thermometer, and you can’t buy one, It’s always 80! hahaha


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