Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

Forecast dec1Weather Report: The temperature is supposed to hit the low 70°s (F) in St. Louis this weekend.  Not bad for December.  Not bad at all. There’s a slight chance for a shower Saturday night and Sunday with rain likely on Monday as a cool front moves through later in the day.

Comment changes:  I’m thinking about changing the order in which you read comments.  I’m considering having the last comment posted at the top of the comments rather than at the bottom as it is now.   That way you don’t have to scroll through all the comments to get to the newest ones. (That’s the way I view comments in the dashboard.)  I think I have the capability of doing that.  I’ll probably do that on a trial basis.   So look for that in the near future.

Contests:  I’m looking for ideas about different kinds of contest we might have here on B&P.  I have a nice item to give away along with some other trinkets and promotional items.  So if you have any ideas on a fun contest, please let me know.

What’s going on in your world?


15 comments to Weekend Open Mic

  • Steve

    Leave the damn comments alone. You know how everyone hates change.

  • Alan C

    What Steve said.

  • xalaskan

    I kinda like the comments the way they are because they read like a story, and you follow along as if it were a conversation. If they are posted backwards, It’s like reading a book from the back cover. BUT, I understand why backwards is better for those who follow posts closely, …so, if you change it, I’ll just go to bottom and scroll up! no problem, I can adapt. “Don’t sweat the petty things, and don’t pet the sweaty things…”

  • Mary

    I agree with Steve, alan & xalaskan – I like reading from beginning to most current for the story factor.

  • Steve

    What about a fan photo contest.Never mind. I tried adding images here before but too much of a dumb-fuk to do it.

  • Steve

    On second thought, if you (John) had some time out of your busy schedule, we (us dumb-fuks) could email in a few pictures and you (John) could post them for us (dumb-fuks).

    • Jonco

      I don’t know who this John guy you refer to but I, Jon,am open to submissions and suggestions anytime. Just don’t get your feelings hurt if your suggestion isn’t posted.

  • Sleepygirl2

    I like Steve’s idea…especially the part about emailing the photos rather than trying to post them ourselves.

  • Richard

    I have experience with reading comments from the newest to the oldest at other sites and I prefer the way B&P is now, oldest to newest.

  • Ted

    I remember once when MSN Groups messed up and we had to read it from left to right. That was fun.

  • LAST!!! (I mean FIRST!!!) I am ok with change for experiments sake…just as long as we don’t kill the patient in the process.

    As for contests, well, I already have a B&P “tee” which I always wear and never wash (so it won’t fade). If I was approved to compete again, my family would pray that I win another T to relieve their sensitive noses.

    Of course I wil cry if i can’t selfishly and shamelessly promote occasional blog posts in “open mic,” you know posts like the mysterious animator Robert Tinfo who should be recognizable to many, but has so little bio material to be found. Ever heard of him? I would love to know more.

  • Scott

    The only thing I wish you could do with comments is place them on the main page. Kind of like Facebook style, where we can expand or collapse the list of comments if we want without having to go to a separate page for comments. I suppose the way it has always been, adding 20 new pages every day for people to click on constantly helps you in some way though.

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