Pure Speed-Riding

Speed-Riding is a new winter sport created by paraglider pilots and skydivers looking for a new sensation and to create a link between gliding by ski and gliding through the air. Speed-Riding is flying down snow covered slopes with ski’s with frequent ground contact, whereas
Speed-Flying is flying down snow free slopes after foot launching with no ground contact until landing.

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  1. I enjoy your website at 5 am each morning. I am a blogger also. Gerard added me recently to his blog list. I am scientific blogger, many of my posts would bore you to death. I have been through your town a few times with a rental car traveling east over Ole Miss. I share your love for nature and the interesting stuff that can happen with a river the size of the Mississippi. I do not do motorcycles for a reason (Personal health). I do not do casinos either. Same reason. But we share the same humor. my blog is technical. You have heard from me in the past, but perhaps another try is in order. here ya go anyway. wwwsonographersblog.blogspot.com Merry Christmas to you and your family and the dog. We have three dogs and three cats, and no peace.


    • Every now and then I do a plug your website post where people can write a little something about their websites and link to it. It’s about time to do that again. I’ll set that up for this weekend when I won’t be around much. Look for that on Saturday and you can link to it there.
      BTW: I have two dogs and no cats. I like going to Las Vegas but I’m not a big gambler. Thanks for reading B&P.


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