Oops tree



4 comments to Oops!

  • Tim

    When I was a kid, our cats would climb the tree and knock it over–until we used guy wires attached to the walls (two guy wires to two walls) to keep the tree from falling.

    Then the cats would just play with the Christmas ornaments and knock them off the tree.

    • Anne S.

      Reminds of our 2nd Christmas, when we came home and found our 3 cats had knocked the tree down, and we had Christmas balls all over the house. We then did like Tim’s family did. The tree was between 2 windows so secured the tree with wire between them.

  • J-Bird

    Hey Dad! Thanks for the ‘indoor plumbing’ I only used it once, and now I think something’s wrong with it.

  • Karl

    Well, you see… This fat guy in a red suit…

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