Lil’ Ole Margarita

Big margarita

Thanks sg


5 comments to Lil’ Ole Margarita

  • Tim

    Just one for the road…

    For those who serve drinks, I have a question: comparing a regular margarita to a jumbo one, is there the same amount of alcohol in them? Or is the jumbo like a double margarita? I was wondering if you water down the margarita when making a jumbo one (or using more of the non-alcoholic liquid to make the bigger drink). Thank you in advance for the answer.

  • xalaskan

    This girl will be ready for anything in 3-2-1

    …Tim, I always make them a blender full at a time, and the ratios are the same regardless of the glass… but that’s just me! (I like to mix a weensy bit of sugar with the rock salt on the rim too)

    When I order them at a mexican restaurant, the ‘Grande’ seems to have twice the punch.

  • J-Bird

    ♫ Tequila makes her clothes fall off ♫
    Oh look, it’s already starting to work!

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