Happy Whatever

Happy whatever



10 comments to Happy Whatever

  • Buckwheat

    I don’t know whether I think this is funny or a sad state of how we treat each other. Merry Christmas everyone.

  • Geo

    I’d much rather know what pisses you off, so that way I could annoy you.

  • ambisinister

    I’m looking forward to Fox News’ coverage of “War on Whatever Doesn’t Offend You”, coming next Whatever Doesn’t Offend You season.

  • J-Bird

    Merry Xmas y’all!

  • Amy

    This year the management of our office building complex is not putting up X’mas trees in the lobbies but rather hanging ultra-large wreaths in different colors in each of the buildings. We end up with the blue theme – blue wreath, blue balls..It is not a warm color in winter time! Come on, it is the X’mas time for thousands of years!

  • DJ

    One of my biggest joys around this time of year is watching people trying to find new things that bring happiness to people, to be offended by.

  • infidel

    this is the first year that I can remember that we have no Christmas music on the radio,that is really sad and its probably because of idiots like the people at freedom from religion foundation or the ACLU

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