B&P Link Dump

Pizza hut perfume

The World’s Smallest Snowman

25 Worst Movies of 2012

Building around a tomb in China

Pizza Hut scented perfume  Right arrow

The story of two shipping containers

How many days old are you?  23,516 for me in case you’re counting

15 Crazy Ways People Make Money in Today’s Economy

The Pope gets a new ride

Will Applebee’s hire Kevin?

19 Google tricks you might not know about

Lost in Translation: Bad product labels

Nintendo rescued the video game industry

CVS: Nations Top Seller of Crappy $20 Gifts


3 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump

  1. Turns out it’s the world’s smallest Tin Man. (Let’s call him Stan.) When I saw the micrograph, I thought they were going to put a face on a single snowflake. That would be harder to do.


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