Airbus A380-800 Landing At San Francisco Airport

Watch a Lufthansa Airbus A380-800 land on San Francisco Airport.



4 comments to Airbus A380-800 Landing At San Francisco Airport

  • hcmom

    I saw one of these take off from LAX a couple weeks ago. That’s a big-ass plane!

  • Andy from Beaverton

    ‘Retard, retard, retard’
    I’m surprised the San Francisco PC police let them off the plane using that language.

  • Danny S.

    That was an enjoyable 15 minutes. Better than a lot of TV shows. The landmark identifications and other details were impressive. The surprise to me was how many details of the flight are controlled from the ground, and how on two occasions the pilot became confused by something said by the controllers.

  • That was strangely compelling.

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