Whatzit? (Solved)

It’s time for another round of Whatzit?.   Whatzit is a photograph of something familiar to most everyone.  The photo will be either a close-up or a view of something familiar from a unique angle.  Today’s prize will be a Bits & Pieces T-shirt (sizes  XL or 2X).  (M and L are all gone)

Here’s today’s Whatzit?…Win this shirt


* One guess per person (IP address) per photo clue
* You must include a valid email address

* Comment editing will be disabled during the contest
* You can only win once per month.

The first person to properly identify it (I’ll determine what ‘properly’ is) in a comment will be the winner.   In the event no one guesses what it is I’ll either show a little more of the picture or give another hint.
Keep in mind that some comments might be held in moderation and could be the correct answer before yours.  Winner will be determined by time submitted.
This contest is sponsored by ooshirts.com
 where you can get custom T-shirts printed with amazing prices and great service.

We have a winner!

      See Comments for correct answer



23 thoughts on “Whatzit? (Solved)

    • Maybe next time we’ll do Lloyd’s Whatzit? We’ll come to your house and find something so you’ll have a better chance. 🙂


  1. Might I suggest a google docs form that people fill out and a random winner is chosen from those who guessed correctly be drawn at a certain time. You can embed the form right under the pic for easy entry.


    • If it’s a more difficult whatzit and someone figures it out, then dozens of people will jump in and repeat the same correct answer and so the first person who deserves the prize will probably lose out. It might work if the comments/guesses are hidden, but that’s no fun.


        • I think you missed my point.

          What I’m saying is, with Sander’s idea you could end up with dozens of copycat answers from people who want to get in on the drawing. The first person who does all the brain work and gets it right (and truly deserves the prize) will likely lose to someone who copies his/her guess two hours later.

          Another scenario could be one person submitting dozens of correct guesses using different names/email addresses just to increase his/her chances of winning.


          • I don’t think you fully understand my suggestion. A google doc form submission WON’T show the guesses that people submit. If you’re dumb enough to share your answer in the comments section as well, then maybe you don’t deserve the prize. But when you embed the google docs form, just like the comments section, they enter their name, their email and their guess. When they hit submit, it goes into a spreadsheet that Jonco would have access to and no one else. No one else can see the guesses. Once the submission time lapses, he simply deletes all the wrong guesses, goes to a random number generator and voila, winner winner chicken dinner.


            • It’s hard to fully understand something that wasn’t explained in the first place, so I went by what you actually wrote. Now that you explained how it would take the fun out of seeing the guesses and makes the process unnecessarily complex for a simple game it makes even more sense to keep it the way it is.


              • So it’s more fun to log on and see that the very first guess already won? You’re just being argumentative now. What I suggested is pretty much how most contests like this are run. That way everyone, no matter what time zone, gets a fair chance in winning it instead of just whoever happens to log onto B&P when the contest is posted.

                And Jonco, it’s super easy. Just log into your gmail, click on either “documents” or “drive” at the top and then on that new screen, create new form. I bet you’ll figure it out in 15 minutes or less. Once you create it, at the top left there’s a code for embed. Copy, paste into your wordpress post (using HTML tab) and done.


  2. I could tell it was a keyboard of some type, but I was trying to decide if those were Twinkie crumbs all over it.


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