Weekend Open Mic

Weekend open mic

We have a beautiful day here in St. Louis today.  High is supposed to be in the mid 70s (F) today but it’s supposed to drop to a high in the mid 40s on Monday and rain is moving in on Sunday.

I’m working on some projects around the house today. I need to clean out my gutters and make a couple repairs to an area where critters can get in.  If I have time I think I’m going to try to string up my Christmas light outside while it’s so warm. 

TV Troubles:  I’m having the same TV problem with Direct TV that I had a month ago that started the debacle about changing TV, phone and internet.  I lost my satellite signal last night.  I pay Direct TV for satellite service.  When the signal goes out I have no service.  I spent 2 hours and 20 minutes on the phone this morning. with three different people.  After over an hour and a half with the first one they determined that I needed a service call.  They want to charge me $50 for someone to come out and fix the problem.  I said I’m not paying additional money as I’m already paying them for their service and I’m not receiving their service.  To me, THEY need to fix it at their expense or stop charging me monthly. I asked to be connected to the custom retention department and I was connected to another tech representative (but I didn’t know that at the time) who also told me I had to pay the service fee.  There was nothing else they could do.  I told her I’ve only been a customer for 20 years and I wanted to cancel my service. She said, “fine, I’ll connect you to someone who can cancel the service”.  That’s when I was connected to the real  customer retention department and in 5 minutes got a service call scheduled for tomorrow for free and got a credit on my account.  Why do they have to piss you off before something is done?    I know many people will just go ahead and pay for the service call, but it’s the principle of it to me.  I was so aggravated I was going to cancel immediately.   As a bonus I’d have saved myself $100 a month.  They just don’t need to get their customers so aggravated.  GRRRR!

OK, I’m done ranting…..

What’s on your mind this weekend?



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  • Richard

    For some reason, DirecTv is one of those companies who are more interested in getting new customers than in retaining existing ones. Several years ago, my signal went out so a tech came out and determined that some gizmo in the satellite had gone bad. He replaced it and I got a bill for $75.00, even though it was their dish. About five years ago, I upgraded to HDTV and they replaced the existing dish. They started to load up the old dish in their truck, but I refused to let them have it since I had paid for part of it. They got customer no-service on the phone and after half hour of wrangling, I got them to credit my account $75.00. Booyah!

    • Jonco

      They should know that I wasn’t going to pay for the service call, but thwy have to piss me off before they decide to make it no charge. It’s just unnecessary… leaves a bad feeling in me for the company that for the most part has performed well for me.

  • llstan

    Re your Direct TV service Jonco: Of course their hope is that customers will easily bend over and accept that bogus fee. Kudos to you for hanging in tough. Last weekend I was visiting my son in the Seattle area and he too has Direct TV, his only choice, while running my laptop I was surprised at how slow the connection was. It’s really too bad getting cable in your neighborhood seems impossible due to the numbers.
    If anyone reading this has a choice, I would recommend Comcast. I have expanded TV service, very fast Internet, and free land line long distance @ $136 per month.

  • revrick315

    Sounds like everyone has had bad experiences with Direct TV. I had them a few years ago when we moved here and service was terrible. A minor rainstorm would knock out the service. I swapped over to Uverse and have been very happy with it. Comcast would have been my next choice if ATT weren’t available, but by combining my cell phones with the other bill, I get a quantity discount (even though it’s a huge quantity with 5 cell phones and unlimited texting/data).

    • Jonco

      U-Verse isn’t available where I live… nor is cable as I found out after three weeks. My choices are Direct TV or Dish. In reality I haven’t had much trouble with Direct TV over 20 years. Except for the last month. True… it does go out for a minute or two right before a storm hits,but that’s it. I’ve been satisfied for the most part. I’m just pissed because they’re trying to milk me for $50 for a service call.

      • revrick315

        The problem with going out before the storm was what finally got to me. We’d been having a year with tornadoes and as soon as the newscaster mentioned our county, it would go out until the storm passed.

        • Jonco

          Mine is usually only out for a couple of minutes…and it’s really RIGHT before the rain hits. Once it starts raining hard it seems to come back on which I don’t understand.

  • So why is there a directv ad just above the caption contest 396 and above this comment section ?

    • Jonco

      The ads are context sensitive, meaning that they try to match up ads with words in the post. Sometimes it doesn’t always match well.

  • Jonco

    Well I had a productive day. After my 2hours+ ordeal with Direct Tv I did a little blogging then cleaned out the gutters on my house which is really getting hard on my old body. After that I sealed up a hole at the top of my basement ceiling where critters have found a way in. I still need to do some caulking here and there. Then I spent a couple hours hanging up Christmas lights on my house while the weather is nice. We have quite a few sets of lights and getting enough of them to work took a lot longer than I hoped but it’s done. I think after the holidays they’re all going into the trash and I’ll start with new ones next year. That was an ordeal.
    I also had a roofer come by and look at my roof for hail damage from last spring. Almost every house on my block has gotten a new roof. I had my insurance company come out in April and they said there was no damage. The guy today, who’s doing my neighbor’s roof, climbed up there and said there’s all kinds of damage. so now I need to contact the insurance company again on Monday. The fun never ends.
    Anyway, I’m really pooped tonight. I might not be able to get out of bed once I fall into it tonight. I’m not used to that much labor. (Cleaning the gutters was the worst part… I have a very steep roof)

  • Jonco, when can we do another video chat room? Seems like we could all go in on a conversation about Dish & Cable & Uverse.

    I found a First-Aid pamphlet from 1957 and after reading a few pages have determined it is the last thing you’d want.

  • Lynne

    I loathe Direct TV. I signed up thinking we were going to save money and get more channels. My husband couldn’t even watch the Cardinals without paying for an extra sports package! Same with football games. We ended up paying double what we had been paying and had crappy service to boot. As soon as my contract was up, I was done. We’re back to our local service provider and happy as can be!

  • Jonco

    All is well in Jonco’s TV land once again. The tech from Direct TV called and said he’s be here in 30 minutes. I turned on one TV and it was working fine. My other TV had a frozen pixelated image. He got there and checked the dish. The eye (aka the LNB) had a small crack in it and had water inside it. The water was screwing up the system. He replaced the eye and checked the dish alignment and all is well.

    • llstan

      That’s great, glad your problem is resolved. This has been a problem week for me also, in that everything seems to happen at once. Printer heads won’t clean, desktop is screwed up and going to the shop, cell phone won’t recharge, car battery is questionable, my Son is at the Seahawks vs Jets game and I’m not. Happily, this First World problem is temporary. There will be other games.

  • paul in boca

    So it appears that we have two trolls in paradise…

  • Bella

    Hey Monsieur Jonco? What did I tell ya? The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Don’t got to be nasty, just persistent. When you get to the core department after messing around with all the other moron departments which have been outsourced, it feels good. Don’t pay a dime, you don’t have to. If it shows up on your bill next month, we will have to go to our plan B. Never let the b@stards beat you down. I don’t care WHO they are, I don’t like ’em.

    • Jonco

      I was fine going thru the whole process until we hit the two hour mark and they said that there was NOTHING they could do and that’s I’d HAVE to pay the charge. Then I got angry and told them to cancel my account. That’s when they transferred me to the retention department and they were great. I didn’t like it that they had to piss me off before we got to that point. Maybe I should just call them up and tell them to cancel my service first thing and then we’d skip all the BS.

  • Miss Silver

    I’ll be modelling an artwear tomorrow at Cup Day.

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