Terror Tractor

Put a Volvo 240 Turbo engine in a tractor and this is what you get.

Thanks sg


4 comments to Terror Tractor

  • infidel

    I want, that would be soo much fun

  • Richard

    Just think. You could plow a ten acre field in just a few minutes. On the other hand, a hayride might be a dangerous activity.

  • Tim

    Yeah, it used to take me all afternoon to plow the south 40; now it only takes me an hour and a half.

    They should have used this tractor in the remake of “Footloose”

  • J-Bird

    Hell, with a tractor like that you won’t even need any farming implements! You can plow, harrow, and run off your rows, just by spinning your wheels. When he finds out how expensive new 28 inch tires are, he’ll likely quit doing doughnuts in the road.

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