Soviets bugged Great Seal gift to U.S.

U.N. Spy Debate. Reds ‘Bugged’ American Embassy Lodge Claims. Lodge shows great seal, opens it and shows the listening device; Council voted 7-2 to censure the Soviet Union.

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  • Brian

    The device, which coined the word “bug,” was created by Lev Theremin, inventor of the electronic musical instrument which bears his name and has appeared in the scores of thousands of Science Fiction movies and provides the “ooo-eee-ooo” sound on the Beach Boys’ song ‘Good Vibrations.’ Theremin also invented the ‘electric eye’ for a Macy’s window display and the first television, which was mechanical, rather than electrical. His first wife was a Haitian dancer who was murdered by “Papa Doc” Duvalier in the 70’s and he died penniless at the age of 102. The forgotten genius led a fascinating life and almost no one knows his story.

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