Red Bull Moron



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  • O Darwin! Where is thy sting?

  • DJ

    Well he certainly deserved that.

  • DavidP

    He was pretty stupid to do it but he could be quite badly injured and permanently disabled (crushed vertebrae?)
    I don’t think it’s fair to say that he deserved it.

    • bob miclette

      Are you serious??? Of course he could be badly injured. He deserved it because he made the conscious choice to do something that stupid in the first place!!!
      Bleeding heart liberals like you are why there’s so many stupid warning labels on everything now a days to protect those of us that can read and have common sense! Idiots like this guy DESERVE whatever they get!

  • revrick315

    And now, instead of being known as the bouncing daredevil, he’ll be known as the screaming kook with the broken bum.

  • How was this supposed to turn out?

    (1) The ball might have burst=pain
    (2) He could have bounced high into the air and had to land=pain
    (3) The ball might have shifted and he hit the ground=pain
    (4) He could have bounced into his assistant=more pain

  • Lee

    The act was stupid,. He did it voluntarily. Of course he deserved it.

  • revrick315

    The difference between there and down here in the South is that as soon as he started screaming, someone else would be climbing up saying “Shoot, I kin do thayat…”

  • eyeball

    I hope, in the event that this guy tries to claim disability, this video falls into the hands of the person working his case…and they deny it. He should get what he deserves, which (aside from the intense pain of possibly cracking his coccyx) is the fond memory of his moment in the warm glow of internet stupidity.

  • ann

    Another crazy chapter of ER horror stories. Woould get a psych evaluation too! People have to accept responsibility for their actions. He decided to do this. Others decided not to stop him. They in fact helped him. The costume shames all 1950’s B-movies!

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