10 thoughts on “My favorite TV commercial

  1. Thanks for posting this. Watching on TV and here I still can not tell what the first few words the wife says at 0:18. All I get is “watch it on the plane”. Please,anyone?

    • Reminds me of the old joke:
      A man is sitting alone a bar enjoying a drink. A stranger sits next to him, orders a drink, and then sits there in silence for a while.
      After a while, the stranger turns the man and whispers..
      “Do you have any naked pictures of your wife?”
      Shocked, the man replies “Uh. No!”.
      The stranger sits there for minute then he asks the man “So… do you want to buy some?”

  2. Since my wife doesn’t use the video function on her phone, maybe somebody else’s wife would like to send me one?


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