Kar-azay South Beach Tow

Thanks sg


11 comments to Kar-azay South Beach Tow

  • Buckwheat

    There is no way that this is real. Very nice WWF style, but not real.

  • Kevin

    I agree. That had to be staged.

  • Mary

    It’s real. Channel surfing and landed on this show. Once. And it was this episode. Never again. Someone’s going to get killed while filming…
    Funny part though — Him: I thought you were supposed to be my backup? Bernice: I was your backup. I told you to “get back up” and I knocked that sucker out.

  • Buckwheat

    Sorry Mary, but you just went to the top of my “stupid” list. Santa has a nice and naughty list. I have a smart and stupid list. Unfortunately I don’t have a way to reward and punish people on my list.

  • Bella

    Staged or not, that was funny. I don’t do karate, I do crazy. Great stuff.
    Mellow out Buckwheat…not nice. You should see what Mary & I am capable of doing. Hoooooooyyyyaaaahhhh!

  • Jarrod

    This show is always staged. It’s about as “reality” as “The Office”.

  • Kevin

    Looks like these “reality shows” are sharing scripts.

  • ickity

    Regardless of it is staged or not (ALL people who appear on at TV show must sign a release) that guy had some nice Capoeira moves! My sister was involved with a Discovery TV show about nuisance animals and on the show the people were always surprised when a giant snake was in their garage. In reality, they knew exactly what was going on because they had to sign a release. If they did not sign a release, their face was blurred out.

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