7 thoughts on “Just hangin’ out

  1. “Oh cool! My little boy fell off the kitchen counter and is hanging upside down in a precarious position! And maybe his leg is even hurt real bad! I better go find my camera somewhere and charge up the battery so I can post it for the whole world to see!”

  2. I have a beautiful adopted daughter who, at 2.2 yrs, is smart enought and agile enough to have figured out and circumnavigated every ‘kid safe’ barrier we have put up! She can get up on top of the refrigerator! She can get my pants off the hook, get my key ring, open the door and leave the house and the yard! She got my keys one day and went out and started my motorcycle!!
    Sometimes, might it be better to let a kid fall off a step, so that when they come to a flight of stairs they might stop and think, “wow, this could really hurt!?”
    If I came upon the scene above, I would assess the seriousness and determine how criticaI the injuries, if any, but I don’t think I would run over screaming “OH MY POOR BABY!!!” …I’d probably go over and sit on the floor next to him and discuss the situation. I’d try to make it a learning experience.
    I met a 6 year old kid once who couldn’t even walk down a trail in the woods because the mother was so protective that she would carry her over anything but flat, shiny floors.
    I’m not trying to stir up worms about what is good parenting, but my kid is going to know how to deal with THIS world we live in, and I’m not going to raise her in a padded cell!
    As a parent, YOU have the right to do it your way as long as you’re not inflicting trauma or pain!

  3. Maybe we should outlaw carpenter jeans and drawer knobs.
    ‘If you make something totally foolproof, only a total fool will use it’.


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