George Carlin on Election Day

George carlin on election day



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  • Stone

    How juvenile. Who – older than 25 years old – still believes this dreck?

  • DJ

    Yeah, good idea. Sit on your ass, wash your hands of the whole process, then whine about the results. We already have about 40% of the population doing that for presidential elections, and a lot more for local elections. How’s that working out for us? We’ve turned into a nation of crybabies who’d rather whine and be offended, than think or act.

  • xalaskan

    back in the day…… I voted for Ross Pereau! He could have fixed things and kept things in the black and I think we all know that.
    Obama or Romney will win. I haven’t voted sense I got my Pereau lesson, I’m ashamed to waste my time riding on the ‘popularity’ band wagon. Niether of these guys aint gonna change nuthin’!
    I’d really like my vote to count, but I’m up against a nation of idiots! ..scuse my spellin’!

    • xalaskan

      I think someone mentioned in a post a long time ago that we all should take a test before we’re allowed to vote. Just a basic understanding of finances and freedoms and just what we deserve for nothing, and what we deserve for our hard earned taxes.
      …then, if you’re too stupid to pass the test, then you have no right deciding who runs the country! If your own personal finances are deep into the red, and you live your life owing for your own immediate greed, or, if you’ve chosen to ride on the backs of hard working men and women and using the welfare system unjustly, …Sorry, NO VOTE!

      • Scott

        Thankfully we don’t have that process. Besides how messed up that is, the questionnaire would be worse than filling out federal tax forms. If they do have that test, maybe you should brush up on your spelling and grammar so you don’t appear to be like the rest of this nation of idiots.

        You’ve lived in the Philippines for years. Do you even get to vote for U.S. President? I’m sure you do, but if your interest has been in another country for years, maybe there should be a time when your right to vote in U.S. elections eventually subsides. Don’t want to live in the U.S.? No vote.

        • xalaskan

          hahaha, I’m BUSTED! You’re totally right Scott! The test probably would be an unfair, biased nightmare. But, I’m sure you’d agree that there are people voting for totally other reasons than who would be the best ‘business man’, or ‘world leader’.
          I got seriously short changed during my working life, and defrauded by my own IRS . I was left with such a pittance of a pension that I couldn’t possibly survive there. I would LOVE to come back home, but food is cheap and the temperatire is always 85 degrees. If I was back in Alaska, my retirement wouldn’t cover my heating bill. I wish things were different, but I still feel like I have the right to bitch

          • Scott

            That’s a shame that someone like you can’t afford to live in your own homeland, but you’ve found a way to survive and you seem to be happy where you are. I’m sure there’s more to your story, but that’s your business. I sort of understand what you’re trying to say about who should or shouldn’t vote, but I think your suggestion of who to exclude and suggesting to take a test to weed out the idiots isn’t the answer. I’m not trying to single you out personally but as an example if you think certain groups shouldn’t be allowed to vote, why should someone living overseas abiding by another country’s laws for so many years with no intention of returning to the U.S. anytime soon get to decide who runs the country where I actually live and decide who should be allowed to vote? And no I don’t really mean that; if you’re a U.S. citizen, you have the right to vote no matter where you live. I’m just saying that as much as you don’t want some people voting, they’re will be someone saying why you or I shouldn’t vote, and after all that’s done no one will be qualified to vote. If we turn what you suggest another way, maybe it’s the candidates who should take a test, and maybe it’s the welfare system that needs to be fixed, etc. But I do agree that it didn’t matter who won this election. They both have pros and cons (more cons than pros) and nothing is going to change and really the country could function and move in the same direction whether they’re taking up space in the White House or not. Perhaps someone like Perot could possibly break the monotony we’ve had for the last two decades, for better or for worse. As long as we continue getting the same sort of candidates for the two big parties as we have for so many years, this trend will keep going on and on and the independents who could possibly do something different are never going to get a chance.

  • Qoumidan

    Cute sentiment but ultimately a fail.

  • that1chick

    We still have freedom of speech in this country last time I checked, no matter if you vote or not, say whatever you like, whether you vote or not. I believe many, many good men and women have fought for our freedoms, freedom of speech being one of those.

  • grumpy

    George is right in one sense. You keep voting the same guy (usually) you get the same thing.

    Next time try voting for the black lesbian woman.

  • Yup

    George Carlins sentiments may actually be the only way to change the election process. The use of the electoral college is antiquated at best. It promotes a ‘winner take all’ mentality that effectively kills compromise. Think about it. The only election that it is used for is the presidential. It was originally created as a compromise with congress, because they wanted the power to elect and appoint a president. Speaking of congress, how about instituting some term limits, I digress.

    As long as the uneducated masses keep voting the way their parents or the talking heads tell them to their will be no change and the country will continue to be divided down this imaginary party line, because there are no other options.

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