B&P Link Dump

Pumpkin carving zipHow to win at online shopping

A personal greeting from Santa

The cost of pennies

Great Wall of Vagina Declared obscene in Japan

Master pumpkin carvings  Right arrow2

Show My Street A birds-eye view of your house

Behind the scene pictures from hit movies

What would happen if Texas actually seceded?

Beard Types of Silicon Valley

Instant Cosby

7 movie plot holes you didn’t notice

Using a phone as fish bait  Yes, you read that right!

No one stabbed or shot in NYC on Monday

8 famous mascots whose names you don’t know


Trivia Tidbit:  Pennies are good for estimating lengths. A U.S. penny is about .061 inches in thickness and 0.75 inches in diameter. That means that 16 pennies, stacked, is about an inch tall, while the same 16 pennies, lined up tangentially, is about a foot long.  via



7 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump

  1. Anyone who doesn’t like vaginas must be gay. Really, folks “over there” have some of the strangest customs. They have all kinds of porn, some too strange to comprehend, but then they blur all the genitalia out! It’s so weird that I cannot stand to look at it more than six, or seven times a day. 😛


  2. That ‘Show My Street’ map is really nice, but now it seems that I have a bunch of trees that need some attention.


  3. That “Show my Street” is off. I typed in my address and it showed me the side of my house and not the front.

    I am guessing the Google car (or whatever car took those pictures) did not drive in to my cul-de-sac.


  4. That personal greeting from Santa is great. I did it last year for my grandson, who is quite a rambunctious child. I picked the naughty option. It sent him into a tizzy and his mother, my daughter-in-law, got angry with me. He was not to be consoled until I redid the greeting and picked the nice option. He shaped his little but up though; at least until Christmas.


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