B&P Link Dump

Scary napThe first filmed and forgotten James Bond


Clone yourself in 3–D printing booth

Subway Subterfuge – Fun with Fonts

Scariest naps in the world  Right arrow2

Herschel, the Magnificent Jew

Movie Mistakes – James Bond’s Skyfall

Why do auctioneers talk like that?

11 worst sounds in the world

How America Eats Today

2012 Word of the Year – GIF

All the women James Bond ever slept with

The cost of living in Whoville

Immature chemical compound names

ABC Affiliate Ran Phony Cover of Broadwell Book

High-Fiber Pepsi: The choice of a new weird generation



4 thoughts on “B&P Link Dump

  1. While looking at those folks clinging to mountains, I wondered what do they do about “personal hygiene” while on the side of a mountain?


  2. Not so sure about world’s first 3D photo booth in Japan. A mall here in So Cal has a 3D printer, and they making at least statues of heads.


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