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Ginat handThe Secret History of the Aeron Chair

The Fascinating History Of The Garbage Truck

Secret Service dropped Romney like hot potato

Got Milk? You don’t need it.

1 in 3 British men can’t see their privates

Giant had rises from Chilean desert Right arrow2

Get your very own Goatse email address

6 iconic accidental movie scenes

That’s no way to treat a train

The iPod’s 4,000-Pound Grandfather

Shellshocked! Romney spent $25K on fireworks

Take me to another useless website

St. Louis Zoo’s potty-mouthed parrot

11 Things You Might Not Know About the U.S. Air Force


Trivia Tidbit: Q: When was the last time Republicans won White House without Nixon or a Bush on ticket? A: In 1928 when Herbert Hoover was elected.





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