21 degrees between Bigfoot and you

Here is an interesting analysis of the stride of the “bigfoot” in the famous Patterson/Gimlin film from 1967.

Thanks MCW


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  • EGGO

    Now put all of those people in the Big Foot costume and have them have to compensate for the “Big Feet” as they walk. You have no choice but to raise your feet higher, or you trip and fall.

  • Kevin Sweeney

    Go outdoors on wild ground and you will find the lazy, paved surface walk you are used to is totally unsuitable (pun there). Lifting your trailing leg to avoid catching on anything becomes almost instantly natural. Nice try, though

  • DoMath

    It’s a projection effect. Take any one of your examples of a person with a 52 degree shin rise walking in profile to the right and have them turn to their left by about 65 degrees so that they’re walking away from you like the person in the monkey suit. If you keep measuring shin rise as the angle the shin appears to make with the ground in the plane of the image, you’ll get about 73 degrees. The measurements in this video are not made under the same conditions as the original video.

  • Paul Stadinger

    the Patterson Bigfoot footage was analyze by Bob Burns and Rick Baker when it first showed up. They ran it through a movieola several times and spotted it was a man in a suit. This information was conveyed to me by Bob Burns. Bob Burns has various movie props and performed as Ape notable the tv show “Ghostbusters” amd Rick Baker has done various ape suits.

    • MCW

      Rick Baker claimed at one time that John Chambers (Planet of the Apes) told him that he made the “suit” which Chambers steadfastly denied. Baker has since reversed his position and no longer believes it to be a hoax.

      • Paul Stadinger

        John Chambers hinted to Bob Burns as well that he did the suit. I have seen article that claimed the suit was from Morris Costume.
        There are other articles and material that the bigfoot was a hoax. A television show was done years ago which show the possible person that was in bigfoot suit walk was same as bigfoot

  • J-Bird

    Somebody done shaved Bigfoot down, and taught it to walk in high heel shoes? DAYUUM!

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