Caption Contest – 401

And he said he does

Thanks Mike (From Spain)



11 comments to Caption Contest – 401

  • krisgo

    too funny – I went to a wedding like that where the bridesmaid all had strapless dresses on so from the back it looked like they were naked. Much snickering that day.

  • xcalibir

    “Hey! How come she got pink tassels? I wanted pink tassels!”

  • Bob

    Well if all the bridesmaids where topless then my wife could get me to a wedding.. And think of the reception!!! It would be like a strip club!! This is how men could really get into weddings.. Otherwise it’s like watching a execution. You know another man has died, he just doesn’t know it yet.. Hell, some are happy to walk to the gallows.. HAHAHAHA.. We try and warn them..

  • WatWut

    Bridesmaids from Betazed.

    (Marina Sirtis is actually 2nd from the left).

  • Andy from Beaverton

    Thank you Jesus!

  • Scott

    Looks like they just stepped out of the bridal shower.

  • Scott

    The bride wanted the girls to wear jackets and pants but they refused to put them on. They weren’t suited to be bridesmaids.

  • Scott

    The bridesmaids at the nudist wedding were unimpressed when the traveling keyboard player took out his little organ.

  • ace

    The runners-up gave Jeff one last chance to change his mind …

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