Remove unwanted items from photos

With this FREE (today only) utility called Inpaint

InpaintToday only, Giveaway of the Day has Inpaint 4.7 for Windows free of charge. Normally $19.99, this clever utility can quickly and easily remove date stamps, power lines, people, scratches, and other undesirable elements from your photos.

I just installed it and tried it.  It works great for photos that aren’t too complicated.

Note: You must install and activate it before midnight tonight for it to be free.



21 comments to Remove unwanted items from photos

  • Jazib

    This is actually pretty decent and helpful.

  • Andy from Beaverton

    The Soviets had a complete removal system. When they removed someone from a photo, they also ended up removed from life.[img][/img]

  • Amy

    Be careful….when downloading this “free” application…you also download a bunch of applications that take over your computer and cause havoc. I have had a miserable morning undoing the damage. Wish you had never recommended this….what a nightmare.

  • A&L

    I downloaded this too and have no problems, have downloaded a few things from that site and never got anything bad

    • Amy

      I must have been the “lucky” one. My tech guys says it was installed along with this inpaint. Normally I don’t download recommended apps unless I research them fully……learned my lesson. Bleh.

      • Barb Dwigher

        I haven’t had any problems. I don’t think research would have helped. Nothing I saw had anything negative to say about All I saw about was that some of the products it offers had malware.
        Inpaint is a nice piece of software. Thanks Jonco.

        • Jonco

          It seems to work as advertised here and it’s easy to use. I tried it on a more complicated image and got disappointing results, but for simple stuff it’s fast and easy.

  • DJ

    No problems here.

  • Lynne

    I’ve just gotten through restoring my computer. Messed it up something fierce! I had stuff opening all over the place.

  • Ted

    I got it this morning and played with it for a while to see how it updated from 4.3. No problems nor did I get a warning from my virus program. My guess the problem may have been in you guys PC before you DL Inpaint.

  • Ted

    Jonco, Have you ever thought about getting the GOTD Ticker for B&P. It would save me a stop there before I came here. I tried it on my facebook page but it didn’t work right and had to delete it.

  • Scott

    The secret is to NOT click on the large DOWNLOAD button. scroll down, and look for “Download inpaint now”. Tried 3 times before I actually got inpaint. The large DOWNLOAD button is all just crap stuff you dont need. Microsoft security essentials and my malware protector were having a field day.

    • Jonco

      Yeah, that’s what I did and it worked fine. It did ask if I wanted to install the “Giveaway” something or other and I declined.

  • tony m

    Thanks Jonco,have been playing with this all afternoon…my friends and family will think i am a genius.haha

  • I wish I had known NOT to click the “Download” button.

    Loads of crap downloaded and my computer is now running like an Apple II.

    Toolbars and other crap downloaded.

    Oh well! Life goes on.

  • Anne S.

    Well I downloaded it and declined the applications along the way. And even though I declined there were applications that still came up. Downloaded the applications, but I never did find the inpaint program. So had to go in and delete all the applications. Shut my computer off and the next time I had it on a big black screen came up with something called “My Start.” Couldn’t get to my home page, so typed it in and it brought it up, and once in there I made it my home page again only. So I don’t know where the black screen thingy went because I can’t find the program on my computer. So you can see I had problems with it also. Wish now I would have seen that other download button below the big one.

    • Amy

      The screen that says “My Start” is Blekko. Google “what is blekko” and prepare yourself to be thoroughly annoyed and frustrated because you cannot get rid of it. Wish I had never read this “inpaint” post by Jocko because now I am IN PAIN. Bleh.

    • tony m

      Wow,makes me sound like a bot…but true.

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