Making changes – The Saga Continues

As many of you know I’ve been trying to switch my internet, phone and TV service to cable. I had two installation appointments but the installed couldn’t do the installation because there was nothing to hook up to on my end of the street.   I hadn’t heard anything… nothing at all from the cable company for a week.  Then this morning my internet (DSL) went down.  After spending a while on the phone with AT&T’s automated phone system and finally being connected to a real person I found out that my internet had been disconnected and my phone number had been ported to a new carrier.  I still have phone service but no internet, which I don’t understand.

Anyway, I called the cable company and after talking with a couple of people there I have the understanding that they will be here Friday morning to put in whatever is needed for the installer to connect to.  The installation should also be done Friday…. or so I was told to believe.  

In the mean time I’m using a wireless connection device that my daughter has on a part-time basis.  So posts will be limited for the next few days as I await some kind of high-speed connection.  I should be able to monitor comments on my cell phone when I don’t have regular internet access on my computer.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you… ’cause it’s causing me PLENTY!


12 comments to Making changes – The Saga Continues

  • infidel

    thats why I said goodbye to at&t for my cell phone and went to sprint I never have to wait on hold and I can to talk to a real person every time

  • dabba

    If they don’t have the infrastructure in place, but ported you over anyway, that is poor customer service, not to mention being a huge inconvenience for you! They are disrupting your life, adding stress and preventing you from managing your business. You should demand a big credit on your bill for inconvenience, lack of internet and ticking off B&P’ers!

  • Bella

    Next time Jonco, ask to speak to the manager of the “Loyalty and Retention” department. I just checked AT&T and they may just call it the “Retention” dept. Trust me on this one, this is where extremely p!ssed off customers get service and action done in minutes. They actually really try in that dept. to work out the best for the customer and quickly. You’re wasting your breath with the other ones. Good Luck. This also applies to the cable companies. Same, same.

  • Maoman

    Or you could just give AT&T a big “fuck you” and switch to comcast or sprint, which are both better in every way imaginable… I have comcast for home internet, and aside from extremely rare, very short internet outages due to maintenance (rare as in like 3 times in the past two years), I get good service, good connection, and high speed is an understatement… I regularly get over 35 mbps download speed.

  • Danny S.

    You guys all seem to be down on AT&T here, and maybe I can’t blame you for disliking them, but the bottom line is that it was the cable company who screwed Jonco over here. Without having the facilities in place to change him over, they issued the paperwork telling AT&T to terminate his old service. AT&T was just doing what they were asked, and their hands are tied by court enforced agreements in reconnecting him.

    • infidel

      well its a fact they suck,bellsouth was the best internet service anywhere and when at&t took over they f’ed it all up

  • Well, if I wind up having to scour the web it won’t kill me.

  • Barbwire

    We have Time Warner in our area. I used to have it, and would never go back to cable. Even though it means I have to have AT&T as my internet company.

  • Larry

    I work on computers for a living. AT&T horror stories are exceedingly frequent. Almost everyone I deal with has one. I don’t know how they stay in business.

    • revrick315

      Yeah, but then again, all of the providers have horror stories. They use a lot of common infrastructure and it seems like the techs float from one company to another so the problems move place to place.

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