We’ve got mail!

We don’t get a lot of real mail at B&P so I don’t check my post office box too often but I did yesterday since I had to go by the post office to drop off some mail.  Amongst the many flyers and junk mail that was in there was this letter from Peggy who lives in Burns Oregon. It was postmarked August 28th.. 

Letter from peggy

While I’m assuming she is trying to get in touch with either the puzzle company of the same name or the little booklet called Bits & Pieces I can’t be sure.  So I should probably answer her and assure here I am not “out of business”. 

Because of my many years in “business” I may have slowed down a bit and I might have cut back on my “business hours” a tad, but I haven’t closed up shop for good. 

I am disheartened to hear she hasn’t “received any for a long time” but that’s hardly my fault.  I mean she’s all the way up in Oregon for God’s sake.  Perhaps I should rely on my northwest territory representative, Anthony N to see if he can “get her some” of whatever she needs.


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  • infidel

    maybe she can give us more detail of what she wants to receive

  • llstan

    Anthony may be busy checking on his machines and I’m 20 miles closer. Geeze, did you look up Burns,OR? Anthony can go.

  • Bobbo

    I just got my US mail, and lo and behold, what did I get? A mail-order catalogue called “Bitandpieces.com” out of Lawrenceburg, IN.
    I also recieve a monthly newsletter from a data storage company called “Bits and Pieces”.
    And every 3 months I get my adult magazine called “Tits and Pieces”

  • Sorry, every time I see that name I just can’t help but quote Firesign Theatre – “Who’s Peggy!?!?”

    (name the album – win a prize)

  • Anne S.

    Bits N Pieces Quilt and Fabric Shoppe in Pelham, New Hampshire offers custom quilting, longarm rental and fabric for sale. Check out our site today

  • A L N

    Find out what she needs I’m sure i have it in my garage. funny thing is my wife just came back through burns last week. If you check your mail more often it would save us extra trips. you do reimburse gas right.

    • Bella

      Anthony, have you got an agent? If not, let me know. No problem, any time there are negotiations, I’m here.

      You’re dealing with a Mogul now.

      • A L N

        as long as Jonco doesn’t pull out his heavy hitter Gus i think i can handle it. Its good to know your in my corner just don’t tell DJ you know how jealous he gets.

        • Bella

          Whoops, it’s that time of year again when DJ is gonna try and cross that border. You’re right Anthony. DJ….Pull up your britches!

    • Jonco

      You want gas? I got gas…. or better yet, I’ll send Grumpy down your way. I’m sure he’s got gas!

  • Clair

    I am from oregon and getting some [every] other day or so…
    your website that is ;)

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