Want today’s WIFI password?

Today's wifi password

What a great idea!

Thanks Goddess


17 comments to Want today’s WIFI password?

  • duuude

    This is the best f-ing idea I have ever seen in this website!

  • Conan

    Now thats great parenting. 🙂

  • J-Bird

    Awww yeah, Now some stuff will get done! I’m adding ‘Mow the lawn’ to that list. Hold up.. I got no kids! Curses!

  • Most children are better skilled than their parents regarding technology. More likely the children would hide the wi-fi password from adults.

  • Zach.

    See, if your kid is bright at all, they’ll know how to change the wifi password.

    • Rick

      I believe that unless someone is dumb enough to make them the same, the password that allows you to change the wifi password (I assume you mean the one that is needed to make a connection to a wifi network if it is passworded) is different from the wifi password itself. Call it the “administrator password”.

      Of course, most people, including myself, choose passwords that are fairly easy to crack given the right tools which are also easy to find.

  • Trick Rick

    get your kids motivated to….learn Hacking!

  • Tucson Guy

    A lady I know won’t let her misbehaving kids out of their rooms until they come up with 10 reasons why they love her. I think the wi-fi password is letting them off easy.

  • Ryan

    or just push the factory reset button on the back of the router for 15 seconds and whammo no more encryption, still a good idea for chore motivation though

  • Brayden P

    No need to hack it. Just reset the router.

  • Tom

    What if your kid is the network administrator?

  • leo

    You can lock the modem and router in a closet though, then you can only change things via password…

  • Leo Wayne Kerr

    The saddest thing is so many parents can’t see the obvious way around this.

  • Carrie

    I love this idea and I cannot wait to use motivational strategies like this when my 5 and 2 year olds grow up! Right now, a magnet chart does the trick! But after reading the replies, I am appalled about how flippant people are about their kids finding the “loopholes” to get around this. If your children are so disrespectful that they would hack or reset the password and not be afraid of the repercussion for that action, then they should not be afforded the opportunity to ever use the Internet. Either that or you should be slapped for procreating. Way to go, Wifi Mom!

    • Arya

      Carrie, if you raise your kids with the idea of “I’m going to forcefully take the internet away from you unless you finish your chores, because I don’t trust you!” instead of respectfully explaining to them that they should first do their chores before using the internet, that’s being disrespectful of your kids, and as a result, you should expect your kids to disrespect you right back by breaking your supposed control.

  • Patrick

    Yeah the kid could just hit the reset button and get internet for that day. But do you really think there would no consequences to such an act?

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