Today is National Graham Cracker Day

GrahamcrackerThe graham cracker is a cookie of sorts, common in the United States, which is typically sweetened with sugar, honey, and/or cinnamon. The current recipe is a far cry from their original one — a mild, unsweetened biscuit made of unbleached flour with bran and wheat germ added. Graham crackers were originally invented in the early 1800s by a Presbyterian minister by the name of Sylvester Graham, who introduced this snack item as part of his then-radical vegetarian diet which eschewed white flour and spices.

Why? Graham hoped to end what he believed to be the scourge of his time: masturbation.

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2 thoughts on “Today is National Graham Cracker Day

  1. When I was at Mizzou, our history professor gave a huge lecture on that very topic and then gave me a bad grade on the final essay when I wrote about that. If he didn’t think it was one of his major topics, wonder why he spend one whole class talking about it. The prof was a bit of an oddball. But that is certainly one history “lesson” that stuck in my mind.


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