Heaven’s Front Porch

Heavens front porch

Thanks Bonnie


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  • Anne S.

    Yes, and now they’re back together again. Thanks for all the laughs Andy and Don. R.I.P.

    • paul in boca

      their? there? they’re? Grrr.

      • Bella

        (They are…they’re back together again).
        (Their coat).
        (Look OVER THERE….).

        That’s the best I can do but we’ll have to ask the expert and that would be Richard. (was i close?)

        • Richard

          Of course you are correct. “They’re” is the contracted form of “they are”, and “thos’ens” and “them’ens” both refer to other folks…LOL

      • Anne S.

        How is this then…

        Yes, and now they are back together again. Thanks for all the laughs Andy and Don. R.I.P.

        Is that any better???

        • MCW

          You’ll have to excuse PiB….he’s suffering from a liberal mind. And yes, Ann S., you’re right! (that is you are right)

          • Anne S.

            Got ‘cha!!! If you would say their, than that’s a possessive showing they own somethiing. Therefore, it’s they’re or they are. Thanks.

  • I recognise Andy Griffiths, but who is the other bloke?

    • Richard

      That is Don Knotts, who played Barney Fife.

      • Bella

        I just saw an interview of Andy about 10 years ago and they asked him what he would change in his life? (Right after Andy had said the biggest regret in his life was his son had died of an overdose). He looked so serious when he said “Everything”. He certainly made an impact on my life growing up, and I just hope that he knew what he meant to the world.

        In the “I am getting old” memory. I can remember Don Knotts in the Incredible Mr Limpet. That was a good movie for it’s time. 🙂

    • I only know Andy Griffiths because of Matlock.
      Which is bad.

    • Scott

      His name’s Puddintane, ask him again he’ll tell ya the same!

  • MooseLips

    For those of us in a “certain age” these two were incredibly entertaining (and instructive as well). May(berry) they rest in peace! 🙂

  • Tim

    One of the best comedy routines: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNxLxTZHKM8

    May Andy rest in peace.

  • KEN

    They did it THEIR way…..

  • roberta

    I will miss Andy Griffth, he was a wonderful person. I grew up with The Andy Griffth Show through Mattlock. There are no more actors I really like

  • Richard

    I always loved the movie “No Time For Sergeants” and his portrayal of the Permanent Latrine Orderly.

  • MCW

    Andy Griffith made a film in 1957 call “A Face in the Crowd”. It’s dark and he played an unscrupulous guy that became famous. It’s quite fascinating.

  • J-Bird

    The Andy Griffith Show had an awesome cast of characters. I wonder how many are left now? I know there is Jim Nabors, (Goober) and Ron Howard, (Opie) but are there anymore alive?

    • revrick315

      Nabors was Gomer and he’s still alive. George Lindsey was Goober. He died about a month or so ago here in Nashville. I believe Thelma Lou is still alive.

      • J-Bird

        You’re absolutely right, Nabors was Gomer! It’s been a long damn time, too damn long. That was a great show, I really miss it.

        • Scott

          I believe George Lindsay was originally supposed to be Gomer but after Andy saw Jim Nabors perform, Jim got the part at the last minute. Later on George got the part of Goober.

          My son watches the show frequently on Netflix. We’ve seen every episode several times. We watched several episodes just the night before Andy died. He likes Opie the best. I kind of hope it’s the father/son relationship he likes. Good stuff.

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