“Do Not Go In There!”

Do not go in there



9 comments to “Do Not Go In There!”

  • eyeball

    With the exception of a minor incident involving the facilities, the 2012 Chili cook-off was a great success!

    • Anne S.

      Have to agree. There must have been a lot of hot sauce in the chili. If you had to go right now, you won’t be going in one of them. Guess you would have an accident in your pants.

    • CorDee

      Where can I get the recipe?

  • ray

    A serious case of explosive diarrhea.

  • Rave On

    Boys,the smoking lamp is out!

  • TWgirl

    That’s some hot shit right there!

  • SKD

    After I ate 4 Thai Dragon Peppers with my burgers at dinner last night, we went to a Little League All Star Game. I didn’t know Jimmy Olson took any pictures though. I guess I should have stayed at home, but better that porta john instead of my sewer line!

  • Richard

    This photo reminds of the weekly sh1t burning details that took place as various military installations in VietNam. I always made sure to avoid those bases on the “special” days…

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