4 thoughts on “Dinner Time

  1. I saw this on some other site a while back, and the explanation was that the dog had some sort of intestinal disorder that prevents him from swallowing food correctly unless he’s upright. Apparently they had to keep him in the “chair” for a certain period of time after he was done eating.

    It’s pretty awesome how enthusiastic the dog is about this.


  2. This is a dog with megaesophogus, he can’t eat without being upright like that, else he’ll just spit up all the food right away. They likely have to give him several small meals a day this way, so he isn’t likely to have much if anything left over. Dogs with this don’t do the heaving type of vomiting, they just sort of spill the food they’ve eaten back up if it hasn’t made it down into their stomachs. This box helps them to get the food into the stomach so that won’t happen.

    We had a high chair when my kids were little with a tray that worked like this. I thought it was a fantastic idea – before I bought it. I’d be able to open it with one hand and get the baby/toddler out with the other. It was great if they’d eaten all their food and there wasn’t any spilled onto the tray. That was rare. I always had to completely wipe it up before getting my kids out of it, otherwise you’d find bits of fruit or noodles or whatever all over the ground on the side with the hinge. It wasn’t a good purchase.


    • I’ve not heard of that. I just thought they had trained the dog to eat this way as a trick. Poor puppy.


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