Winners and Losers

Winners and losers

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  • that1chick

    So did the Taco Bell ad people steal an old campaign slogan?

  • DJ

    I have a large manilla envelope full of campaign buttons, bumper stickers and pamphlets, sent from the Robert Kennedy presidential campaign as the primary season was starting in 1968. The envelope arrived in the mail a few days before he was assassinated, on the night he won the California democratic primary.

    • Barb Dwigher

      How big is your Pat Paulsen for President memoribilia collection?

      • DJ

        I actually have Pat Paulsen’s autograph. I met him here at our local college during a “campaign tour” in the summer of ’72.

  • Anne S.

    I don’t have any of recent years. I think I have the Truman and Eisenhower buttons. And many a few more from around that era. And I have one very special one…it says…Snoopy for President. ha! ha!

  • Richard

    I thought that Gore invented the campaign button…

    • grumpy

      Remember that TV show “Connections”, where one invention leads to another?

      I’d like to see one showing how the campaign button led to the Internet.

  • infidel

    the worst thing I did was send money to a person running for office a few years ago and ever since I get all these damn phone calls (I mean 5 and 6 times a day)and junk mail,most of them from the GOP who I dont even support any more,B&P people learn from my mistake

    • Richard

      Maybe worse is sending a contribution to a non-profit like CARE. I sent them $100 for Haitian relief and since then I get a mailed solicitation once a week and a phone call once a month. I figure they have spent well over $100 trying to get more money out of me…

      • DJ

        American Red Cross does that after you give blood. Mailings, emails, and phone calls several times @ week kind of turned me off to the whole thing. It’s one thing to give from the heart because I want to, but another to be harassed, begged, cajoled, and bribed to do it the next time. I only have so much blood to give, after all, and I’ll give it when I feel like it and when I have the time. It’s not an on-demand faucet.

  • Karl

    In 1972 Nixon may have won the election but the Nation was the loser.

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