Open Mic Saturday

Open Mic Saturday

It’s your turn to talk about anything you want.  


17 comments to Open Mic Saturday

  • MCW

    Still haven’t found a damn job. Must be Bush’s fault…
    Seriously, another four years of this and we’ll all be selling body parts to survive.

  • paul in boca

    Our Causeway Cannibal did not have any human flesh in his stomach, just undigested pills.
    I guess chewing an old homeless man would be like eating leather. Does that mean a kid would be veal?

  • Richard

    Where are the rest of the Vegas pictures? Inquiring minds want to know…

    • Jonco

      I’m working on them. First I uploaded them to the new Google Drive. I labeled each picture with a title and description. Then I realized that you have to have signed up for Drive in order to view them. So I then tried Flikr and didn’t like the way the titling worked., so I deleted the pictures and captioned and renamed the pictures so they’d display somewhat correctly. Now I’m uploading them again. I’m new to Flikr, so I’m learning. Hopefully they’ll be up tonight or tomorrow morning.

      • Miss Silver

        Have you tried

        • Jonco

          Yes, I use that occasionally but it’s for individual pictures not galleries. I mainly use that when I want to add a picture to a comment. It’s perfect for that.

  • Cassie

    Did Tim Bradley really just lose every round and still win?

  • Miss Silver

    I’m listening to The Killers; I LOVE THEIR MUSIC! It kinda makes me wish that I was in a band cause I love to sing.

    • grumpy

      Excellent choice Ms Silver, I tried them out a few years ago just cuz they were from LV (and the album is called Sams Town), now have all, or most, of their CDs. One of the few “modern” bands that have a distinct sound and “do it themselves”. No BS studio or MTV crap. Check them out folks, but listen to the whole thing.

      • Miss Silver

        My favourite tracks are Glamorous Indie Rock And Roll, On Top, Midnight Show, Andy You’re A Star…. too many to list, but those are a few of the ones I really like.

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