Little Caeser’s Heping Hands

Jonco tries to censor a statue in front of Little Caesar’s Hotel in Las Vegas.

Ceasers helping hands

We’ve seen two shows; comedy at the Improv and Mac King’s Comedy and Magic show (excellent and cheaper than most) at Harrah’s.

We just ran into Bella in the casino (imagine that!) on our way back to our room before our gathering tonight.  More pictures later tonight or tomorrow morning.


14 comments to Little Caeser’s Heping Hands

  • DJ

    That’s what you’re doing?? I thought you got locked out and were trying to get in the back door.

  • that1chick

    I hope Bella won a bunch! Are you looking for a second shoe there, Jonco? Look lower.

  • Geo

    Jonco trying to censor?

    Back in St Louis it would be called a grope. Luckily what happens in Vegas ….stays in Vegas. Unless there is a Police record of course.

  • paul in boca

    Ran into Bella? I hope you didn’t hurt her! Hello Bella dear, have a wonderful time

  • DJ

    I spoke with Bella this afternoon. She’s been in Vegas for about a week, and she’s happier than a woodpecker in a lumberyard. She’s not only with Jonco & Pat & the B&P gang, but she hooked up earlier with a group from her town in northern BC who were there for a birthday celebration.

    She’s already met up with several B&Pers, a few more are arriving late today, and they’re all getting together for dinner this evening.

    She sounded healthy and very very happy.

  • revrick315

    Ohhhhh…I get it…sunglasses….you’re learning braille! Well, not quite. Looks like you’re learning BRAille. Or to be a TSA intern.

  • infidel

    LMAO Jonco I did the same thing when I was there back in the 80’s they had some real babes dressed up in Caesars palace ,if they still do that it would make some really good pics for us

    • J-bird

      I’m afraid that if Jonco tries that with real women in Ceaser’s Palace, we may have to pony up some money to go his bail..

  • hcmom

    Mac King is awesome!

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