Cupid in Las Vegas

Mike (from Spain) sends in this picture this morning.  We saw this very guy Saturday night on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. 


He, like a lot of other “characters” pose with visitors for tips.  When we passed him Bella just shook her head and just said, “No”.  I had to look very close at this picture to make sure we weren’t in the background.  It is bizarre enough that this guy’s photo made it to Spain.



6 thoughts on “Cupid in Las Vegas

  1. I need to get over there. I plan on visiting walmart at 2am with a camcorder. It’s like the circus, but you can shop as the freaks are messing about.

  2. I’m with you Miss Silver. I think Wal-Mart could be the best bargin for entertainment in Las Vegas.

  3. I have a feeling there is a whole lot of stuff that is happening in Vegas that’s not staying in Vegas.
    Looks like the show at Walmart is about to start…


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