B&P Vegas Gathering

Vegas gathering4
Left to right:  Paul & Barb, Mr & Mrs (Another Scott), Jonco & Patco, Shannon & Cheryl (Bella), Sara & Anthony (ALN).  Missing: David Grant, Deborah & Elliot.

It’s pretty amazing to me that people from different ages, backgrounds and locations can gather together and meld so comfortably and sit for almost six hours just enjoying one another’s company.  All brought together by a silly little website.

We’re going to meet Saturday evening at the Freemont Street Experience on Saturday night. 

Vegas gathering1 Vegas gathering2 Vegas gathering3 Jonco bella Bella deborah Another scott2

More pics Saturday night!



16 thoughts on “B&P Vegas Gathering

  1. Great pics guys! Wish I could have made it! Bella Boo, You look fantastic, drink a couple for me, and stay out of trouble (don’t get caught).


  2. Its great to put faces to names at long last! Bella you are looking so well. Hope you all have a great time. I am so Jealous.


  3. That first small pic looks like they’re having a group session.
    Not a bad idea considering…

    Enjoy it guys!


  4. Fantastic time meeting Jonco and fellow followers yesterday. Quite a diverse group like Jon mentioned. So glad I was able to be a part of the gathering. Hope downtown proved to be a good time. I want to wish the best to everyone I meet, and hopefully our paths will cross again in the future. Long live Bits and Pieces, the coolest site on the web!


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